Howen VSS Reliability Test

As HOWEN has nearly 10 years experience on the vehicle surveillance system, every single model of mobile DVR, mobile data terminal, vehicle camera, body worn camera must pass a series of reliability tests and temperature tests. This is an essential part of R&D because HOWEN team do know that what they can deliver is not just hardware, but also quality and trust.

In order to get the system work with various environments since mobile DVRs can be working in different environments. Some of the situations would be extremely hard because of vibration or heating. Therefore, the test is one of the most important parts in HOWEN even though it cannot be seen at the first beginning. However, in the long-term, the difference would be significant because they will be a failure because of different problems.

For the vibration test, we simulate the vehicle environment based on the USA military standard, MIL-810G. This test can find out the status of devices in the worst situations. In this way, HOWEN team can improve the structure and hardware design of all the products.

Also, as customers of HOWEN are from all over the world, it means that the devices would work in cold areas or hot areas. Therefore, temperature test plays a key role in the reliability test. Heating will cause SD card or HDD storage failure and some components failure. Benefits from the tests, HOWEN devices can work from –40 to 70 ℃ normally (in cold area the devices requiring the heating pad).

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